Available Trust Deed Investments

Executive Summary / Trust Deed Investment

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Property:                                                                             Address available to interested Investors

                                                                                             Stockton, CA 95205

 Quoted Rate:                                                                     11.00%

 Loan Term:                                                                         24 Months / 6 month Pre-Pay

 Loan Amount:                                                                   $2,250,000.00

 “AS IS” Loan to Value Ratio:                                          62.50%

“Improved” Loan to Value:                                              45.00%

 Position of Loan:                                                            1st Trust Deed

 Collateral:                                                                         37 Room Assisted Care Facility

Property Description:

                                                     The property is located in Stockton, CA which is about 80 miles east of San Francisco and 48 miles xxxxs                                                                                 of Sacramento, CA

14,493 square foot “U” shaped building with 37 rooms and 74 tenants (100% occupied). The building is mainly a single level with a small 1 bedroom apartment on the second level being used as an office. The property is located on about 6/10’s of an acre.         


Current income on the property is $92,179 per month, that’s an average of $1,245.66 per tenant and $1,106,148 per year. Income is expected to increase to over $1,300,000 per year with proposed improvements.

 Property Value:                                                                Current “as is” value is approximately $3,600,000.00.  The future value after improvements is projected to be $5,000,000.00 We are in possession of a property appraisal completed by a licensed MAI / SRA appraiser dated April 29, 2011.

 Funding Schedule:                                                           ASAP after loan approval

 Interest Rate:                                                                    12.00% to Borrower

 Investor Monthly Return:                                                   $20,625.00

 Default Rate:                                                                     TBD


Further Information:                                                      Upon Request


Executive Summary

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Property:                                                                            Street Address released up request

                                                                                                Hesperia, CA 92345

 Rate to Investor:                                                              10.25%

 Loan Term:                                                                         24 Months as Interest Only

 Loan Amount:                                                                   $74,200.00

 Loan to Value Ratio:                                                        60%

 Position of Loan:                                                              1st Trust Deed

 Collateral:                                                                            Single Family Detached (SFR) Home

 Purpose of Loan:                                                              Refinance this free and clear property – Cash-out to purchase another investment property

 Summary:                                                                           Borrowers are Real Estate Broker and Agent. The Husband manages a real estate office and the wife works at another office as an agent.  The borrowers have credit scores of 661 and 685. They had a foreclosure in 2008 and a chapter 7 BK discharged the same year. They have re-established credit since then with no late pays in 4 years. Borrower is actively buying distressed properties on a buy and hold basis.

The exit strategy is to refinance with bank financing within 2 years as they will again qualify for that type financing after 5 years of the BK.

 Property Description:                                                     SFR, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2 car garage measures 2132 square feet on a 22,680 square foot building lot (1/2 acre). Property was built in 1986 and conforms to the area and is in a desirable area of Hesperia, CA.

 Property Value:                                                                $123,700, ExpressLoan’s Opinion of Value on which the loan to value above has been computed. We arrived at this value by comparing recent closed sales in the area. This value is below reconstruction costs.

 Funding Schedule:                                                           July 5, 2012

 Interest Rate:                                                                    11.25% to Borrower

 Investor Monthly Return:                                            $633.79


Further Information:                                                      Upon Request