Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Treat people as you want to be treated.

What does that mean to you?

We’ll give you straight answers. We are a flexible Private Hard Money Lender and we want your business.  We fund our loans in-house up to $500,000.00. Loans that exceed that amount will be placed with one of our trusted lending partners.*

What do we mean by flexible?

We look for loans that make sense to both you and ExpressLoan. We are able fund loans up to 68% of the value of the property. We are not constrained by strict underwriting guidelines. We can look at each situation for what it is and make individual evaluations for each transaction.

That gives you and us a lot of different ways to look at individual circumstances. And, while we cannot guarantee we will find a solution for your situation (though we probably will), we will be open honest and fair. You will get answers quickly;

It is ExpressLoan’s promise is to give you the answers you need as fast as possible. In most cases, that’s the same day. In some cases it may take 24 to 48 hours when more information needs to be gathered to make a loan decision.

To get started fill in the quick loan application and a representative will call you shortly.

Or for a quicker response call now; 760-634-4545

*In instances where the loan amount exceeds $500,000 and with your full knowledge, we may work with an outside lending partner.

Loans we will not fund; loans with no borrower funds, far out and difficult to comp properties. Cash-out on recently purchased properties for more than 65% of original purchase price unless there have been substantial verifiable improvements or it is a rehab loan... On rehab loans with experienced rehabbers, we will go up to 80% of purchase price and limited to 65% of after repaired value.

General Guidelines

  • Loans up to 65% of Value (68% for nice Owner  Occupied properties)
  • Easy Income Documenation
  • No Credit Scoring Required
  • Corporations, LLC, Partnerships and Foreign Nationals
  • Residential 1 - 4 Owner and Non-Owner
  • Multi Family
  • Commercial, Office, Retail
  • Light Industrial
  • Bridge Loans
  • Construction loans both ground up and finish
  • Rehab Loans
  • Properties For Sale
  • Farms / Farm Land

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