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ExpressLoan is here to help you fund more transactions. We fund loans in-house with the use of our own funds. That means you get fast answers and quick funding.

If you like fast, honest answers, call us or fill out the loan request form.

Loans We Fund:

1st Trust Deeds 1-4 Residential Non-Owner
(Owner Occupied case-by-case):
Manufactured Homes

• Up to 65% LTV
• No Credit Scoring
• Foreclosure / bankruptcy bailouts
• Easy Income Documentation
• Refinance while listed
• Properties in Probate / Trust
• Owned by Corporation or LLC
• All Loans written as Monthly Interest Only Payment

• Up to 50% LTV
• Must be on permanent foundation
• Rural properties to 40% LTV


Multifamily Commercial Loans
• 5+ Units
• Up to 65% LTV
• 60% LTV (65% LTV case by case)
• Retail, Office, Mixed Use, Industrial

Construction Loans Rehab Loans
• Residential
• Commercial
• Retail, Office, Mixed Use, Industrial
• Up to 65% LTV future value
• Loans are based on our appraised value
   not purchased value
• Borrower must have minimum 20% future
  value down

Bridge Loans Seller Carrybacks
• Listed for sale
• Up to 65% LTV
• 1 year interest only
• We write it for your seller so they don’t
   worry about usury laws

Loans we will not fund; far-out properties, hard or impossible to comp properties, purchase loans with no borrower funds, cash-out on recently purchased properties without additional verifiable