Loan Servicing

Today, more than ever, it is pertinent to have professional account management for lending activities. It is important for individuals to maintain proper communication and supervision with the borrower and lender during the servicing of loans. ExpressLoan recognizes that your clients are extremely important and valuable; thus, we go out of our way to satisfy their needs. Our company also provides additional assistance with daily bookkeeping and customer service; allowing you to work on other relevant tasks. ExpressLoan and its members pride themselves with their timely responses to clients, thorough oversight of accounts, and attention to detail on each lending activity.

As a distinguished Loan Servicer, our company promises to represent you in the best way possible and diligently perform the activities needed to successfully service your loan(s).

Our company is committed to completely satisfying your loan servicing needs. Our goal is to provide the utmost professional staff, security, peace of mind, and accessibility for you and your clients.

We understand that when we communicate with your clients it is a direct reflection on you. Hence, our company strives to provide the finest, reliable services during all lending activities. With ExpressLoan’s assistance, your clients will have access to a variety of services that will satisfy the most scrupulous investors. In return, you will have the comfort of knowing that things are handled professionally and accommodatingly; allowing you to stay focused on what makes you successful---closing the loan.

Our foremost commitment is to make the private lending business a definite success for all parties involved.

ExpressLoan strives to provide quality services that promote and establish lasting relationships with its clients. Our services are grounded upon adherence to regulatory guidelines, appropriate accessibility, clarity in the management of your account, and continued education to keep your loan transaction compliant.

At ExpressLoan, we are guided by integrity, dedication, professionalism, and experience. If you or your clients ever have a concern with the lending activities, it will be of utmost importance to us to provide the assistance and support deserved.

As your full-service agent, ExpressLoan prepares the necessary documents for administers, modifies private lending transactions, collects deposits, tracks all payments, and provides monthly and year-end statements. In addition, our company offers expertise and assistance with foreclosures and REO management.

Other preeminent services include:

•    Discounts or fee splits for bulk transfers  (10 or more)
•    Same day turnaround for loan docs (additional fee)
•    Filing of DRE reports (quarterly and annually)
•    “Back Office” assistance to fit your needs
•    Loan extension / modification / foreclosure assistance and consulting
•    Extensive non-circumvent / non-compete contract to insure that your clients remain your clients
•    Selling your unwanted Notes

Please set up an appointment to discuss our services in detail and also how we can assist you in closing deals with very little hassle.


Our services include:

  • Professional Document Preparation
  • Loan Funding Assistance
  • Placement of Forced Placed Insurance
  • Eviction / REO Services
  • Compliance Review
  • Forbearance / Foreclosure assistance