Services and Rates


Please be aware that you get what you pay for in loan servicing. We have a very tight servicing agreement that protects you the Investor / Lender. Part of our policy is to keep very close contact with your borrowers. By doing so, we have very few delinquent loans. In addition, our standard servicing agreement has us calling the borrower on the 10th, a letter of intent to foreclose goes out on the 15th and if the payment is not in by the end of the month we start talks with the borrower about deed in lieu, possible loan modification (always with the investor informed of our proposals) and if the loan is not made current by the 15th of the following month the Notice of Default (NOD) is filed with the county recorder’s office.
Most Loan Servicers will not file an NOD until the loan is at least 90 days and most of the time 120 days past due. Nearly all Servicers will not start making calls to the borrower until at least 30 days past due. By delaying the collection process you run the risk of loss or in some cases higher losses than a quick resolution to the delinquency.

Our experience has taught us that once a loan goes delinquent quick collection measures work much better than letting a borrower get down 30, 60 or 90 days before serious measures are taken. Usually once a borrower is seriously delinquent it is near impossible to bring the loan current. That is why it is in both the best interest of the borrower and the lender to take quick action. Most of the time we can keep the borrower in the property and get your payment arrearages caught up and in your pocket.

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Document Preparation  Professional Services Loan Servicing
Simple Docs & Disclosures:    $675
Seller Carry Loans    $300+
Loan Processing:    $350+
Assignments:    $150
AITD / Wrap Loans    $775+
File Audit:    $195
Section 32 Loans:    $200 Addl
Detailed List of Services and Fees   
Cross Collateral Loan:    $200 Addl per
Personal Guarantee    $100
Same Day Rush:    $100
Doc Redraw:    $100
Demand    $30 - Rush + $75
VOM    $50
Mod / Forbearance    $595
Please call for a specific quote
Detailed List of Services and Fees  
Professional Hourly:    $195
Administrative Hourly:    $80

Compliance Review:    $250+
Note Purchase Consulting:    $250+
Experienced Loss Mitigation:    Call
Multilender F/C Processing:    $250
Foreclosure / REO Assistance:   Call
Owner Occupied Foreclosure    Add $500

Starting at $25 / Lender / Month *
 Detailed List of Services and Fees      
$35 Basic Setup
$45 Tax & Insurance Impound Setup
$75 Delinquent, AITD, BK F/B or F/C Setup
Basic Loan Servicing (.500% / Min $25 per mo.) includes:
Monthly Statements / Borrower & Lender (EMail)
Late Notices, EMails & Calls to Borr. & Lender
Preparation of Annual 1098 & 1099-INT
Impound - Pay Tax & Insurance add $25 / mo     
* Our Basic Servicing fee structure ($25.00) presumes
relative consistency in payment frequency, and limited,
predominantly automated, correspondence with borrowers
and lenders.  Should this be exceeded, it becomes
necessary to allow for the compensation for additional work
being accomplished on the lender’s behalf.